Transitioning to an MST Therapist

Posted by MST Services

AdobeStock_124086609Today we want to highlight two Multisystemic Therapy clinicians that have changed career paths to better serve youth and their families in Virginia. 

The state of Virginia spends more than $170,000 to incarcerate one youth a year and in 2019 there were 58,234 children reported as victims of abuse or neglect. Because Multisystemic Therapy has such a positive effect on youth and families, several organizations in Virginia dedicated to empowering communities have helped grow the presence of MST programs. One of those organizations is the National Counseling Group, which provides mental, behavioral, and substance use services. They have offered Multisystemic Therapy since 2017 and have five teams for Court Service Units in several districts.

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5 Reasons Not to Miss the MST Supervisors Workshop

Posted by Cory Robbins


This year's MST Advanced Supervisors Workshop is just around the corner! The 2-day training event will take place in Charleston, South Carolina on September 20-21. Read on to see why you don't want to miss it, and if you haven't yet registered, you can do so here. 

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Advanced Supervisor Workshop: An Opportunity for Growth

Posted by Lori Bentley

Advanced Supervisor Workshop enhances professional skills

As a Multisystemic Therapy (MST) supervisor, I find that there aren’t many opportunities for the supervisors’ community to come together to strengthen their skills and support one another in the unique role we play. That is one reason I find the MST Advanced Supervisor Workshop (ASW) held in Charleston, S.C., so critical to my professional development and the agency I work for. Each time I attend the workshop, I walk away feeling re-energized for the work we do.

This past September was no different for me. Prior to heading out from Buffalo to Charleston, I eagerly did my advance prep. After all, it wouldn’t be an MST training if we weren’t given advanced prep.


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Georgia Juvenile Justice Reform Wins Award

Posted by Dan Edwards

Georgia juvenile justice reform, led by Gov. Nathan Deal, wins award 

A year after taking office, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal recognized that he had an opportunity, and a responsibility, to fix the state’s criminal justice system. A year later, in 2013, he expanded his focus to include the state’s juvenile justice system. Shortly thereafter, the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) partnered with the Pew Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, among others, to explore ways to reduce the unnecessary, ineffective, and expensive overuse of out of home placement of youth who ran into trouble with the law as adolescents.

Much to CJCCs surprise, many of the juveniles placed out of home had committed misdemeanor or status offenses.

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Becoming an MST Supervisor

Posted by Tracyne Caumartin

An MST newcomer shares her experience of becoming a supervisor

You know that feeling when everything just seems to ‘click’? That ‘aha’ moment when your brain clears and you understand whatever problem you have been trying to solve? That’s my favorite part about being an MST supervisor—being a part of the moment when the family ‘arrives’—when a mother looks at me and says, “You mean when I parent from guilt and keep letting my child get away with things, or let him off punishment early, that is why he keeps doing the things he is doing? I am not running my home, my child is? I get it. I want this to work. He is not going to like it, but I am the parent here, not him!” That is the moment that makes the challenges of Multisystemic Therapy (MST) worth it.

becoming an mst supervisor.jpg

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An MST Therapist is Born

Posted by Sophie Karpf

A childhood dream realized

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut? Studies show that just 6 percent of adults end up in the careers they wanted as kids. Katelyn Jakubovic is part of that 6 percent.

katelyn and lori moore.jpg

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The MST Chilean Program Featured on National TV

Posted by Kellie Allison

Fabiana Castro Brahm, an MST program developer, in the spotlight

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is practiced in multiple languages and dialects—13, to be exact—across 16 countries around the world. Next to English, Spanish is spoken as a primary language by the most MST families, accounting for 15 percent of all those being treated.

mst in chile video.jpg

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A First Timer to the MST International Conference Reflects on MST

Posted by Alessandra Longo

Getting rejected from traditional therapy jobs was the best thing that could have happened to this MSTer

I frequently think back to my job search right out of graduate school. Two years of training as a social worker and a third year gaining extra knowledge in children’s developmental psychology left me eager to serve the most vulnerable. Interviewing for various outpatient mental-health clinics left me feeling discouraged. I still find it hard to forget feedback I received after one interview that boiled down to, “I’m afraid you’re too positive for this position.”

alessandra longo mst ic 2017.jpg

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How a Juvenile Probation Department Works With MST

Posted by Sed Lewis

An effective collaboration between Fulton County Probation and Multisystemic Therapy yields positive results

TV shows give the impression that the primary purpose of probation departments is to tell police officers the whereabouts of suspects. That is hardly the case.

Among other duties, probation officers supervise offenders, make sure they don’t leave their jurisdiction, are working and keeping out of trouble. There is—or should be—a basic difference between departments that handle adults and juveniles. Adult departments are designed to be punitive to deter further criminal behavior. For juvenile departments, the mission is to provide treatment and rehabilitation for youth that have violated local, state, and federal laws—while keeping the community safe.

impact georgia.jpg

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Seven Reasons This Therapist Was Nominated for a WIT Award

Posted by Michelle Robinson

MST therapist helps father through difficult time and nominated him for WIT award

As any parent today will tell you, it is hard enough to raise a teenager under the best of circumstances. What we know in Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, help is needed to achieve the hoped-for results. In those troubled times, it can be more painful if the help you seek doesn’t make things better at all. 

But that isn’t always the case, as one New Jersey father can attest. He was in desperate need of help handling his daughter. Luckily, he was assigned MST therapist Lionel Latouche.

CSI wit award lionel.jpg

Above, Latouche is shown receiving his WIT award from his supervisor 

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