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Becoming an MST Supervisor

Posted by Tracyne Caumartin

An MST newcomer shares her experience of becoming a supervisor

You know that feeling when everything just seems to ‘click’? That ‘aha’ moment when your brain clears and you understand whatever problem you have been trying to solve? That’s my favorite part about being an MST supervisor—being a part of the moment when the family ‘arrives’—when a mother looks at me and says, “You mean when I parent from guilt and keep letting my child get away with things, or let him off punishment early, that is why he keeps doing the things he is doing? I am not running my home, my child is? I get it. I want this to work. He is not going to like it, but I am the parent here, not him!” That is the moment that makes the challenges of Multisystemic Therapy (MST) worth it.

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