Powerful Video Testimony from an MST Mother

Posted by Josh Glade

At MST Services, we’re on a mission to transform the lives of troubled youth and their families.  It’s why we come to work each day.  I’m incredibly proud to be united with such a talented and passionate community of colleagues, network partners, teams, families and stakeholders. 

I was in the audience when Sheila, an MST mother, told the story of her family’s journey with MST.  I was blown away by her courage and love for her child. 

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Families Benefit When Pushing Beyond Their Comfort Zone

Posted by Katelyn Jakubovic

MST therapists help families overcome their initial anxiety about treatment 

“You can come back now,” the doctor said. I apprehensively followed her into the room and watched the door close behind us. My heart raced. The doctor picked up on my anxiety. She assured me, “I make people nervous every day, but getting past that fear is what benefits them in the long run.”

This got me thinking. I imagine that families going into Multisystemic Therapy (MST) feel similar anxiety when they meet their therapist for the very first time.

Picture this. A stranger is about to come knocking at your door, asking all kinds of questions, making you tell your family’s life story, a story that you’ve told at least a dozen times before. This person is coming into your home—I cannot help but believe for some this must feel very intrusive. 

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From Hopeless to Hopeful with MST

Posted by Daniel Allshouse

Multisystemic therapists bring hope for change to struggling families

The concept of hope is one many of us take for granted. Some of us just think we deserve better or less depending on our life experiences. As a Multisystemic Therapy supervisor and therapist, I noticed a theme with families that create positive behavioral changes in their lives. This theme revolves around the family being hopeful for better things to come.

But it isn’t easy, as often when families begin MST, they are burnt out with little to no hope things can get better.

from hopeless to hopeful with mst.jpg

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Single Mother Finds Hope with Multisystemic Therapy

Posted by Joanna Sinnwell

Without hope and paralyzed with despair, single mother turns to Multisystemic Therapy

Jessica felt that she had failed her eldest daughter, and now she was losing her sons. Her daughter had overdosed, nearly died, and she was now living with her uncle. Her son, Emilio, 14, was damaging school property and not coming home after class. She worried about his dangerous behaviors. He and his younger brother, Josiah, 12, ignored her, and fought viciously and constantly. Having experienced aggression in the family throughout her life, Jessica felt powerless to stop the angry spiral of disrespect and hostility. Both boys refused to listen to her and constantly tested her empty threats. Jessica was anxious, isolated and afraid. 

A local agency in Greeley, Colo., Youth and Family Connections, suggested Multisystemic Therapy (MST) at North Range Behavioral Health, the local community mental health center. Carrie, an MST therapist, was assigned Jessica’s case. 

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MST Therapist Helps Aunt Reconnect with Family

Posted by Valerie Kuthe

This aunt demonstrates the importance of using extended family for support 

Marianna* grew up in a large extended family. She learned early on commitment to family was a strength of her Hispanic culture. Her strong dedication to family and supporting one another, she would explain, is really part of who she is and how she was raised. Because of this, she didn’t think twice about taking in her nephew, Mateo. Raising him like he was one of her own. 

But when he turned 15, things began to change.

importance of extended family mst

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8 Quotes About MST That Tell It All

Posted by MST Services

Happy New Year to all our families and colleagues around the world

Join with us as we close out 2017 by celebrating all the work Multisystemic Therapy has done to achieve proven results for families and communities. We look forward to 2018 and plan to continue our efforts to meet the needs of those we serve.

Take a moment to read what people and communities say about their experience with the program. For those who don’t have access to effective alternatives to placement, detention and out-of-home care, our resolution is to further our reach in 2018. Our goal is to leave no family or community behind.

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Multisystemic Therapy Helps Mother and Son Communicate

Posted by Laura Jurasek

Before Highfields' Multisystemic Therapy team came along, Sandra and her son, Larry, didn’t know how to communicate without arguing. 

Last year, Sandra and her family moved to a new home in a new school district. This created a lot of stress for her oldest child, 15-year-old Larry. 

Sandra saw changes in him. He was hanging out with the wrong crowd, not focusing in school and making bad decisions. They argued constantly about power dynamics, such as who was in charge or who would have the final word. They didn’t know how to communicate with each other.

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Hurricane Harvey Can't Stop the Work of MST

Posted by Spivey & Tristan

MST therapists and supervisors doing whatever it takes

Houston, Texas. The largest city in the southern U.S. Hit last week with a natural disaster of epic proportions. Hurricane Harvey has made an indelible mark on the landscape and on the people of the Space City. It was the lead story on the national news for days. You have probably seen the flooding, heard of the death toll, watched the search-and-rescue efforts with bated breath. If you’re like me, you cried through heartbreaking interviews with families who have lost it all. What you may not know is that there are two Multisystemic Therapy (MST) teams in Houston. This is their story. And it’s not over yet—this blog may require a Part II.

houston hurricane harvey.jpg

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MST Therapist Stands Out as Clinician and Father

Posted by Donna Stenton-Groves

His humility shows first and foremost

Let’s talk about Fuzi Bradshaw—an outstanding Multisystemic Therapy (MST) clinician and father.

When you first meet Fuzi, you are struck by his humility. He talks with humble pride about the work he does with MST families in the Nottingham community of England. He talks with that same pride about his own family and the lives that he is shaping as a father.

Fuzi is a recent recipient of the MST Sustained Excellence award (an ESSY) for his overall adherence to the MST model as determined by the MST Therapist’s Adherence Measure. 

fuzi bradshaw adherence award caregivers month.jpg

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Ode to Great Fathers on Father's Day

Posted by Lori Moore

Celebrating Father's Day by acknowledging the importance of fathers--especially her own

I am not going to lie. Growing up, I was considered a pretty unruly child. I was that youngster who drove teachers crazy. I got check marks on my report card for “constantly talking.” In elementary school, my teachers developed a behavioral contract to try and reinforce any positive behaviors. I have to admit I didn’t always earn many rewards. Not that I didn’t try. I just found it hard to sit still and behave. I wanted to have fun, be the class clown and entertain my fellow students. I wasn’t really all that interested in learning. It didn’t get much better in high school. I’d say I went to school for homeroom, recess and lunch. I liked being social. I am the youngest of 11 children. I guess that explains a lot.

lori moore family fathers day 2.jpg

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