Powerful Video Testimony from an MST Mother

Posted by Josh Glade

Mar 30, 2018 9:46:00 AM

At MST Services, we’re on a mission to transform the lives of troubled youth and their families.  It’s why we come to work each day.  I’m incredibly proud to be united with such a talented and passionate community of colleagues, network partners, teams, families and stakeholders. 

I was in the audience when Sheila, an MST mother, told the story of her family’s journey with MST.  I was blown away by her courage and love for her child.  Her testimonial was so powerful that, two years later, we still get many requests for the link to the video of her speech.  While the original video can be found here, we also wanted to send around a 90 second clip that recaps Sheila’s experience.  We hope that it reinvigorates your passion to empower families and build safe communities.



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