Where Can I Send My Troubled Child?

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Where can I send my troubled child? Why parents should be asking a different question to help their teens and adolescents

"Where can I send my troubled child?" This search query will get you over 30 million hits on the internet – there is no shortage of options. Boot camps, wilderness camps, boarding schools – there are countless residential treatment centers that present themselves as the solution for troubled youth. But are they the right choice? Maybe the real question that people should be typing is “how can I help my troubled child, here and now?”

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A Holistic Approach to Preventing Teen Suicide

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Public-figure suicide is alarming not just because of the loss of a human life. It engenders more suicide as it highlights a way out for teens that feel hopeless. Suicide rates increased 10% after the heartbreaking loss of Robin Williams, and I suspect that this trend will continue with the more recent passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

Suicide is one of the top three causes of death among teenagers in our community. Perhaps the most tragic aspect of this is that the pattern of suicide is preventable. Communities would benefit from a holistic approach to suicide prevention that is grounded in research science. Below are three actionable ways to prevent teen suicide in your community.

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Swedish Police Officer Helps MST Deal with Troubled Teens

Posted by Geena Jacobsson, MST Expert, SVERIGE


Joining Forces to Tackle Delinquency 

There are troubled youth everywhere. Big cities. Little towns. Halmstad, Sweden.

Halmstad is a port city on the country’s west coast with a population of more than 90,000. And as is the case in so many places worldwide, there is a drug problem among adolescents. How is the city dealing with it? One way is through collaboration between police Officer Thomas Turesson and the Halmstad Multisystemic Therapy (MST) team.

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MST Therapist Helps Family Escape Domestic Violence

Posted by Ruby A., MST Therapist, The New York Foundling

Hands House Concept

A Bad Situation Becomes Dangerous When Domestic Violence Comes to Light

I was working as a therapist with the Hernandez* family for two months before I started to suspect that there was something else going on. The case originally came in because Manny, a 17-year-old living in the Bronx, was doing drugs, cutting class, violating curfew, and stealing. The family needed Multisystemic Therapy treatment to help navigate these issues and get Manny back on the right path. Little did I know I would soon be treating additional issues—issues beyond Manny’s control.

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An MST Therapist is Born

Posted by Sophie Karpf

A childhood dream realized

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut? Studies show that just 6 percent of adults end up in the careers they wanted as kids. Katelyn Jakubovic is part of that 6 percent.

katelyn and lori moore.jpg

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Continuous Training is a Vital Part of Multisystemic Therapy

Posted by Sue Dee

Why MST booster trainings?

It’s just human nature. You did things one way, are accustomed to that way, and you drift back into that comfort zone without even realizing it. Without continual focus and attention it’s difficult to stick to new habits and skills. In the case of Multisystemic Therapy (MST), staying true to the treatment model is of utmost importance if the best results are to be achieved. Booster_Training_Blog.jpgBack row left to right: Alexandra Westcott, Magnus Irvine, Kerry Jayne Lambert, Rose Amado-Taylor, Shelley Stel Front row left to right: Anna Davies, Georgina Privett, Gordon Wilson, Thomas Burke

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Multisystemic Therapy Expands in Chile

Posted by Fabiana Castro, Program Developer, MST-Chile & Brenda Szumski, Manager of Network Partnerships

Chile Chooses MST to Help With At-Risk Youth

Mention Chile and the magnificent scenery of the majestic Andes, the plains of Patagonia, its wonderful wines and diverse cuisine spring to mind. One should also remember, this South American country returned to democracy at the end of the 1980s. Since then, the government has been intent on advancing programs to help its citizens. 


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What to Expect When an MST Therapist Comes into Your Home

Posted by Sarah Johansson, MST-SA Supervisor

Sometimes a stranger can bring great meaning to your life

If you’re a parent whose child is referred to Multisystemic Therapy, chances are you are wondering about the stranger being sent to your home. Thoughts running through your brain might include, who is this person, what is his or her clinical experience? Are they skilled enough to help with my child? Will this therapist judge or blame me? What makes this therapist and this program different from the other programs we’ve tried?Fortune

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Multisystemic Therapy (MST) Shown to Reduce the High Cost of Crime

Posted by Lori Cohen, MST Services

There is no debate that juvenile crime is of great concern in the United States. According to the FBI, youths younger than 18 commit almost 20 percent of all serious crimes, 13 percent of violent offenses and 20 percent of crimes involving property. It’s also been found that a single lifetime of crime amounts to a $1.3 to $1.5 million burden on society. Knowing that makes it even more imperative to keep adolescents from becoming habitual criminals.

Where there is debate is how to deal with this problem and where to allocate funds earmarked for it. There are many who lean toward paying as little as possible upfront. Policymakers and those who sign the checks are under pressure to come up with programs that reduce crime without draining the budget. Often, they choose individual therapy instead of a program like Multisystemic Therapy (MST). What they overlook is the long-term savings when a treatment such as MST is implemented. It has been shown that youths commit fewer crimes following MST. That means lower future expenses for taxpayers and crime victims relative to the expenses associated with individual therapy.

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The Serial Podcast from a Multisystemic Therapy Perspective

Posted by Diane Kooser

We, as a nation, are sometimes riveted to something in our popular culture that we can’t stop talking about it and wait anxiously for the next episode or revelation. We speculated about Walter White’s motivation and moral compass as we collectively watched “Breaking Bad.” We repeated snippets of dialogue and mourned many deaths on “Downton Abbey.” Today, it’s not a TV show that has captured our national attention. it’s a podcast, “Serial.”serial

For many listeners, it’s a true “Did He Do It?” Did Adnan Syed, then 17, kill his former girlfriend? Did he, along with a small time drug dealer named Jay, drive her body and ditch it in a park, as Jay told police? Or was Syed at a library across from his high school, as one witness named Asia, who was never called to testify, maintains?

It’s a murky, complicated 15-year-old case that sent Syed, declaring his innocence, to jail for life. Most people were drawn to the podcast because of the mystery and anticipation for the next installment. They have theories about the case and how information was highlighted or downplayed, based on personal perspective. The Marshall Project interviewed legal minds right before episode 11, and it’s no surprise that lawyers leaned toward explanations and theories that were consistent with whether they “played offense or defense.”   I am drawn to it, in great part, because I filter everything through my MST lens.

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