European Conference Celebrates the Implementation of MST

Posted by Lori Moore

Jun 24, 2014 3:18:00 PM

Highlights of the 2014 MST European Conference are in. Over 450 participants attended the two-day event hosted at the beautiful Central Hall Westminster, London, England.  MST Therapists, Supervisors, Program Managers, Researchers, Policy Makers, and Experts gathered from across Europe to celebrate the implementation of the MST model.  Keynote speakers included: Professor Peter Fonagy (Chief Investigator, START Research Trial, University College, London) Edward Timpson MP (Minister for Children, Department of Education, UK), and Professor Sonja Schoenwald (Professor Family Services Research Center, Charleston, South Carolina).

The closing plenary was called “Celebration of MST Families – highlights from families who have experienced MST.”  As part of the presentation, panel members shared video highlights of families’ stories.  Each story was a testimony to why we practice MST and the power of the model.  Here’s a clip from the Brandon Centre’s video.  It’s well worth watching.

A highlight of the conference for me was one mom’s poignant journey with MST and its profound impact on her life and that of her son. Reciting the words here won't have the same impact. But listening to this woman on stage was so powerful for everyone at the conference.  

It’s stories from our families that really demonstrate the impact of the treatment model. That's why we have to share more MST stories. Reach out to your families and see who is willing to share their story. Email us, so we can arrange to tell it. 

You can read more about the MP’s speech here.  

You can learn more about the implementation of MST in the UK here

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