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Deviant Peer Groups Lead to Deviant Behavior

Posted by P Cunningham, Ph.D

Research shows that grouping troubled teens together creates worse outcomes

In the world of public and school policy to deal with adolescents who engage in antisocial behavior (delinquency, substance abuse) one area that seldom receives the attention it deserves is the side effects of commonly used prevention and intervention strategies. 

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Topics: Troubled Youth

A Call to Reform the Juvenile Justice System in Virginia

Posted by P Cunningham, Ph.D

Virginia report encourages alternatives to incarceration

Okay, so it’s only a report. But it has such distressing statistics and positive, doable reform suggestions that maybe, just maybe it won’t be tossed on the scrap heap with so many other hardly read studies.

We’re talking about Virginia’s Reinvest in Supportive Environments for Youth Campaign Coalition, or RISE for Youth report.rise_for_youth_virginia.jpg

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Topics: Juvenile Justice Reform