New York Raises the Age for Juvenile Defendants, All Eyes Turn to North Carolina

Posted by Sophie Karpf

As of April 9, there is only one state in the nation that charges 16-year-olds as adults

Today, 800 inmates in New York jails and state prisons are younger than 18. What’s more, 96 percent of these youth are incarcerated for non-violent offenses. But after an April 9 legislative vote, things will be different.

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The Last Two Battlegrounds to Raise the Age: New York and North Carolina

Posted by Sarah Johansson, MST-SA Supervisor

Only two states remain that automatically charge 16-year-olds as adults

The need to raise the age of criminal responsibility has been written about here more than once. (Charging Juvenile Offenders as Adults parts one and two being two examples). Progress has been made, but our fight is not over. There are still two states left that prosecute and place children in the adult criminal-justice system—North Carolina and New York. 

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Topics: raise the age

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