The Multisystemic Therapy Community Gathers in the Big Easy

Posted by Dr. Gregorio Melendez

This year's Network Partner Conference convenes in New Orleans

During the week of Oct.19, more than 100 MST experts, coaches, program managers and leaders converged on New Orleans for the 14th annual MST Network Partners Conference. The Network Partners Conference was created back in the early days of MST when partner organizations started doing their own consultation and new team development. As more of the MST work is being accomplished in different places, the conference is a way for those involved in MST to come together to share knowledge, experiences and hone their skills in implementing the model. It is an opportunity for us to just gather with old friends and colleagues, share stories, laugh together and bend an elbow or two.

JPHSA_Network_PartnerPictured above is the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority Network Partnership

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MST Network Partner Conference

Posted by Marshall Swenson

Once again it’s that time of year – October’s MST Network Partner Conference (NPC). My how time flies! It seems like only last week that the last conference brought 100 of MST’s leaders from around the world to compare notes and network with one another.

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