U.K. Judge Praises Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

Posted by Zoe Ashmore, MST Expert and Lloyd McDonald, MST Supervisor

Evidence-based intervention keeps girl at home

Everyone was afraid that the young person would have to be taken into care. Chloe was not attending school. She was using drugs and staying out all night. Recently, she had ended up in the hospital after a night of drinking and drugs. Her caregiver was at her wit's end. But as luck would have it, she and Chloe were about to be referred to a brand-new program in their community—Multisystemic Therapy (MST).

When an MST program begins, it can take some time before anybody notices just how hard everyone is working to help young people and their families. For this young MST team and this family, the opportunity came sooner than most. 


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Referring to MST: An Easy Choice for UK Social Worker

Posted by Tracey D., Social Worker

A difficult case with few good options

He and his family were on my caseload. He was on my mind. He had previously been a “looked-after child” [in foster care] and was now at risk for becoming one again. The boy was displaying several behavioural problems—increasingly becoming involved in gangs and drugs. He had been stabbed, and his whole family was concerned about his safety and well-being. His stepfather was isolating him from other family members, and the parents were constantly arguing.

As a qualified social worker in the U.K., I was looking for a programme that would help this young person remain in his home and be safe in his community. Something that would give him and his family the tools and resources they needed to independently address any further difficulties that arose. I knew it had to be something intensive. This I found was achievable through the support and the model of MST. I referred this case to the MST program with the hopes of that the clinician would support the family, enabling them to develop skills to challenge and support their son, breaking the cycle of anti-social behaviours.UK_social_worker.jpg

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