Testimonial: Multisystemic Therapy Gives Parents a Voice

Posted by MST Services

sister and brother

With Multisystemic Therapy (MST), families have access to their clinical team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that even if a family’s therapist is out during a certain time, they will have access to another clinician at a moment’s notice. The following testimonial was written by a mother in New Zealand whose two children were positively impacted by the use of Multisystemic Therapy. You'll notice that while Seb, their first MST therapist, set up a positive foundation, Barbara, the covering therapist, was able to step right in to continue working with the family without missing a beat in terms of clinical intensity. That's the benefit of a team approach, and why part of the MST process involves group supervision and group consultation. When we provide clinical supervision and consultation in a team environment, each member can step in to support a family when the primary therapist is unavailable. 

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Michigan Judge Chose MST and MST-PSB to 'Rehabilitate' Juveniles

Posted by Patrick Duffy, MST Services

Judge Dorene Allen researched her options and decided to try MST

"You want to have children rehabilitate to the point that if they move next to you, your grandchildren will be safe." This is the simple, yet powerful advice Judge Dorene Allen, presiding probate and juvenile court judge for Midland County, Mich., has for people selecting programs for juveniles in the justice system. 

At one point, the services offered in her county were not meeting that standard. Judge Allen was not "satisfied spending time, energy and money for no results. That’s depressing to the judge and community."

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What is MST Like: A Child's Perspective

Posted by Kieran Lord, MST Supervisor Leeds City Council, UK and Sarah Gilbert, MST Therapist, Trafford MST Team

A child talks about his experience with Multisystemic Therapy

Capturing the voice of the young person is often difficult in MST, but it is a critical part of the story that begs to be told. Community stakeholders and families alike often ask, “What about the young person? How does this program impact his or her life?” During a recent event, the Trafford MST team in the UK found a unique way to bring the voice of the young person to life.

This powerful video helps all of us understand – “what is it MST like?” from the perspective of the the child. 

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MST Empowers Mom With the Four D's

Posted by Sharon King, MST Therapist, SC Dept. of Mental Health

Sometimes D’s are the best thing to get

I was at my wit’s end. My 13-year-old son, Brendan, was suspended from school (again), failing all of his classes. I knew he was on a bad path and didn’t know how to get him off it.

Brendan had seen his share of therapists. In fact, he’d been in therapy for more than six years, and nothing worked. Brendan didn’t like to talk, he didn’t open up, and his behavior never changed. If anything, as he got older, it had gotten worse. Now in middle school, he was facing expulsion after the most recent suspension.

His therapist mentioned a program that is targeted at juvenile offenders. I figured if it could work for them, it might work for Brendan. I didn’t want him taken away and placed out of our home. He was definitely headed that way.


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Doing What Works: Why I Refer to Multisystemic Therapy (MST).

Posted by Daniel Warner, Ph.D. Founder and president, Community Data Roundtable

Psychologist finds great alternative for youth with Multisystemic Therapy

As a young clinical psychologist, fresh out of graduate school working for a private community mental-health agency, I was referred a 16-year-old white male for an “evaluation and assessment.”  The evaluation and assessment is a common task in the child-serving system. Though it has different names, different funding streams and can be performed at a myriad of points in the process, it is always done for the same basic reason: to receive an expert’s opinion on what next steps should be taken in a child’s care. For the young man before me, it wasn’t quite clear what that step should be. depressedteenmale

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A Mother's Heartfelt Thanks to MST and What she Learned Along the Way

Posted by Mom from Buffalo, NY

On Thanksgiving, people count their good fortune for many things—small and big. You snagged the last package of fresh sage for your stuffing. The lump proved benign. Your family will make it through the blizzard and be together feasting on turkey and all the scrumptious side dishes.

Kathy has a different reason to be thankful. But let her tell it.


This story doesn’t start out with the warm and fuzzies. It starts with pain, tears, anger, worry and frustration. It starts with a mom and a daughter on opposite sides of deep chasm. I was convinced we’d never reach each other, and frankly, I was already giving up. I was in a place of pain. And whenever pain takes up residence in your heart, you carry it like a curse. I couldn’t figure out how we got so far apart, so fast. I felt as if I were screaming into a void.

The MST program was first suggested to me by my daughter’s middle-school counselor, but I was sure it was a lot of hype and would be of very little help. There was nothing they could tell me to do that I hadn’t already tried. How were these people going to make anything happen? And if they thought they were going criticize me, if they thought they were going to judge me, they had another thing coming. No one was going to tell me I was a bad parent. And that was that.

Meanwhile, that chasm was growing wider and wider. My daughter seemed so unreachable. It was as if I had never known her. It was heartbreaking, devastating and hopeless. I was losing myself in the absolute sadness of it all. I cannot describe the ache that was centered in my chest. Sleepless nights. The nights I did sleep, I had nightmares. My daughter lost in the darkness and crying for me. Me searching for her, trying to find her, waking up with tears on my cheeks. I felt like a failure as a mother. That is a gut–wrenching battle that never gets easier.

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