Top Tier Juvenile Offender Program: Multisystemic Therapy

Posted by Molly Brunk

Jan 5, 2016 11:00:00 AM

The MST model continues to show impressive outcomes

The numbers are in, and they are good for Multisystemic Therapy (MST), an intensive family- and community-based treatment that addresses the many causes of serious antisocial behavior in juveniles. At a recent conference for MST Network Partners, outcomes from across the MST world were shared. These statistics represent the work of teams in 34 states and 15 countries. With strong adherence to the MST model, practitioners across the world achieved great success with the families they served in 2014. 2015_Data_Report_Graphic.jpg

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What to Expect When an MST Therapist Comes into Your Home

Posted by Sarah Johansson, MST-SA Supervisor

Nov 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Sometimes a stranger can bring great meaning to your life

If you’re a parent whose child is referred to Multisystemic Therapy, chances are you are wondering about the stranger being sent to your home. Thoughts running through your brain might include, who is this person, what is his or her clinical experience? Are they skilled enough to help with my child? Will this therapist judge or blame me? What makes this therapist and this program different from the other programs we’ve tried?Fortune

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MST Model Turns Social Worker into Evidence-Based Programs Believer

Posted by Helen McKee, Operational Director of Children’s Services, Action for Children

Aug 25, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Will Multisystemic Therapy work across the pond? 

When I was first introduced to MST about two years ago, I approached it with a healthy dose of caution. Among my questions were will what works in the U.S. translate to the U.K.? Do the positive outcomes reflect actual impact or clever evaluation? Does this service cherry-pick and therefore is guaranteed to get good outcomes? And as a licensed provider, will we be micro-managed by MST-UK? The program sounded very prescriptive, and I had the sense that it was “painting by numbers.”

My organization, Action for Children, is driven to ensure that all our services have a positive impact on children, young people and their families. In addition, we have a growing interest in specific programs that are underpinned by a strong evidence base. Naturally, one of our primary charitable objectives is that our fundraised and contracted incomes are spent efficiently and effectively. 


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