Different Countries, Same Multisystemic Therapy

Posted by Dr. Gregorio Melendez

Jan 21, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Communities may change, but MST does not

Inevitably, someone where I work will ask me a question along the lines of “So, how do we compare to other places that do Multisystemic Therapy?” A difficult question to answer, but my response is always, “It’s the same . . . but different.” It’s about as true an answer as I can possibly give.Same_but_different.jpg

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Sweden Study Shows Implementation of MST Improves Over Time

Posted by Dr. Gregorio Melendez

Aug 5, 2015 10:30:00 AM

How important is experience when it comes to Multisystemic Therapy?

Everyone agrees that experience matters. The more time and practice you put into something, the better your performance. But, what if it there was a situation where it was the experience of your colleagues and organization, rather than your own, that mattered more to your future performance? This was the unexpected finding in a recently published study out of Sweden, “The Swedish Implementation of Multisystemic Therapy for Adolescents: Does Treatment Experience Predict Treatment Adherence?” 


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