MST-EA for Young People Aging out of the Juvenile Justice System

Posted by Melanie Duncan

Multisystemic Therapy for emerging adults (MST-EA) is an adaptation of MST 

Pete was a 17-year-old with many problems. Some were of his own making. Others were forced on him. His mother was no longer around and his father was in the late stages of a terminal illness, contributing to Pete’s anxiety and depression. Pete had been trying to care for his father, but he missed too much school and was moved into foster care once this was reported to authorities. There, his behavior deteriorated. He refused to attend school and started breaking into cars. 

His foster caregiver couldn’t keep him at home and away from his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a toxic, physically aggressive relationship. On top of this, he relied heavily on daily marijuana to cope with his depression and anxiety. 

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