How MST Therapists Respond to Childhood Trauma

Posted by Laurie Spivey and Lori Moore, MST Services

Many youth experience trauma and MST is prepared to respond

There is no debating that the number of young people in the United States who have been exposed to traumatic events is far too high. Although estimates vary, it is believed that the prevalence of such events in the general youth population is substantial. In one nationally representative survey of 9-to-16-year-olds, 25 percent reported having been subjected to at least one disturbing incident, according to Dr. Josephine Hawke of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. For youth involved with the juvenile justice system, exposure to traumatic events is believed to be higher than that of community samples of similarly aged kids. One study found that more than 90 percent of juvenile detainees reported having experienced at least one traumatic episode.

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Is MST Helpful For Traumatized Youth?

Posted by Laurie Spivey, MST Services

An MST therapist weighs in on treating trauma

As practitioners of Multisystemic Therapy, we are often asked if MST can be helpful for youth who have experienced trauma. While MST is not a treatment model designed to provide trauma-focused care, the short answer is—yes. 

traumablogTo understand how MST would respond to a youth who experienced emotional and physical distress, we should first define trauma. Then we have to take a look at how trauma impacts young people and plays a role in delinquent behavior. Then we must ascertain if it is related to anti-social behavior for each child we serve.
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