Where Can I Send My Troubled Child?

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Where can I send my troubled child? Why parents should be asking a different question to help their teens and adolescents

"Where can I send my troubled child?" This search query will get you over 30 million hits on the internet – there is no shortage of options. Boot camps, wilderness camps, boarding schools – there are countless residential treatment centers that present themselves as the solution for troubled youth. But are they the right choice? Maybe the real question that people should be typing is “how can I help my troubled child, here and now?”

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A Holistic Approach to Preventing Teen Suicide

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Public-figure suicide is alarming not just because of the loss of a human life. It engenders more suicide as it highlights a way out for teens that feel hopeless. Suicide rates increased 10% after the heartbreaking loss of Robin Williams, and I suspect that this trend will continue with the more recent passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

Suicide is one of the top three causes of death among teenagers in our community. Perhaps the most tragic aspect of this is that the pattern of suicide is preventable. Communities would benefit from a holistic approach to suicide prevention that is grounded in research science. Below are three actionable ways to prevent teen suicide in your community.

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Swedish Police Officer Helps MST Deal with Troubled Teens

Posted by Geena Jacobsson, MST Expert, SVERIGE


Joining Forces to Tackle Delinquency 

There are troubled youth everywhere. Big cities. Little towns. Halmstad, Sweden.

Halmstad is a port city on the country’s west coast with a population of more than 90,000. And as is the case in so many places worldwide, there is a drug problem among adolescents. How is the city dealing with it? One way is through collaboration between police Officer Thomas Turesson and the Halmstad Multisystemic Therapy (MST) team.

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MST Therapist Helps Family Escape Domestic Violence

Posted by Ruby A., MST Therapist, The New York Foundling

Hands House Concept

A Bad Situation Becomes Dangerous When Domestic Violence Comes to Light

I was working as a therapist with the Hernandez* family for two months before I started to suspect that there was something else going on. The case originally came in because Manny, a 17-year-old living in the Bronx, was doing drugs, cutting class, violating curfew, and stealing. The family needed Multisystemic Therapy treatment to help navigate these issues and get Manny back on the right path. Little did I know I would soon be treating additional issues—issues beyond Manny’s control.

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Want to Be an MST Therapist? Read This

Posted by Amy King, MST Expert

You got your degree... Now what?

After graduating from university, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. The only thing I was 100-percent certain about was that I wanted to work with children and families and make a real difference. After a few short-term jobs, a friend, who was a juvenile-probation officer, told me about a new program called Multisystemic Therapy (MST) that really seemed to be helping out kids, and they were hiring. The description seemed to match just what I was looking for, so I applied that day to be an MST therapist and never looked back. 

be_an_mst_therapist.jpgAmy King, left, and Sandy Crotts, right, at MST's 20 year anniversary 

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A Mother Expresses Her Gratitude for Multisystemic Therapy

Posted by Dr. Philip Reynolds, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and MST Supervisor, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

Two out-of-control teens felt unmanagable until MST stepped in

The Anderson family was lost in conflict. Despite Ms. Anderson trying various programs and services and having the support of the Department of Children’s Social Care, her family was embroiled in constant conflict. Two of her children were referred for Multisystemic Therapy (MST). Her son was physically aggressive at home with his siblings and mother. He was abusing drugs and disruptive at school. Her daughter was also aggressive toward family members and was not attending school. Ms. Anderson was suffering from depression and unable to make a change in the family dynamics. Lauren, from the MST-FIT team, was assigned to the family, and things began to change.


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Secure Placement Seemed the Only Option Until MST

Posted by Gordon Wilson, MST Therapist at Action for Children, Essex, UK

The last stop before placement: Multisystemic Therapy

At 15, Charlotte had one foot out the door on the way to secure accommodation placement. While she had her grandmother, Doreen, who loved her and was her primary caregiver, as well as an uncle and her mother in the same household, Charlotte’s behaviors were so risky that professionals involved with the family felt that sending her to a secure placement was the only way to keep her safe. teen-drug-abuse.jpg

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Giving Thanks to her MST Therapist

Posted by A caregiver from New York

Thanksgiving, that wonderful holiday when turkey abounds and families get together to enjoy each other’s company. Oh yes, and to give thanks for all they have. One woman is grateful to her MST therapist for making it possible to enjoy the company of her 16-year-old sister, who had been in and out of trouble and court, and was heading toward placement.

We were in court again because C had messed up. Another arrest. And that wasn’t all she was doing. She wasn’t going to school at all. Some days, I’d drop her off, and she’d sneak out the back door as soon as I left. She would run away for weeks at a time, staying at her boyfriend’s house all hours of the day and night. She was smoking marijuana and doing God knows what else. When she was home, she was disrespectful, and we argued. She was stealing from me, stealing from stores, and hanging out with friends that I didn’t approve of—the type of friends who ended up on the news because of the stuff they were involved in. I had to deal with all of this because I took in my sister when no one else was left to take care of her. Not to mention I had four of my own children to take care of, the youngest barely four months old that day in court. Thanksgiving.jpeg

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What to Expect When an MST Therapist Comes into Your Home

Posted by Sarah Johansson, MST-SA Supervisor

Sometimes a stranger can bring great meaning to your life

If you’re a parent whose child is referred to Multisystemic Therapy, chances are you are wondering about the stranger being sent to your home. Thoughts running through your brain might include, who is this person, what is his or her clinical experience? Are they skilled enough to help with my child? Will this therapist judge or blame me? What makes this therapist and this program different from the other programs we’ve tried?Fortune

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In MST, Parents Aren't the Problem, They're the Solution

Posted by Sue Dee

You've come to the right place

When a youth is exhibiting antisocial behavior and is committing criminal offenses in the community, families are often at a loss as how to move forward. They feel powerless to change their children’s choices. This often stops them from seeking the right kind of support, and it also creates difficulties for professionals working with these kids and families to find the right solution. In MST, we don’t see parents as the problem, we see them as the solution. We stand ready to support caregivers to hold their kids accountable and make changes in the youth’s environment that will impact their choices. With a referral to MST, “You’ve Come to the Right Place” for help turning your child around.

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