Finding the Fit: How MST Breaks Down Barriers to Treating Families

Posted by Alessandra Longo

Identifying an individual solution for each family

"I don't know what to do with her anymore." Ms. Martinez and I sat knee to knee on her black vinyl couch. "Maybe she would be better off living somewhere else. A place where she has lots of rules."

Ms. Martinez's words may have seemed callous but sending her daughter away appeared to be the only viable option to keep her safe. I placed my clipboard on the seat next to me and looked at her face. "I know how overwhelming this all seems right now. We know Gabriela is using drugs, not going to school and may be involved in a gang. Sending her away might make some problems go away temporarily but what will happen when she comes home to the same environment? I think we have a better chance of helping Gabriela by looking at all the pieces of the puzzle." Finding_the_fit_image

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