Are 'Troublesome Youths' Costing Norway Too Much?

Posted by Ingvild Tisløv, MST Expert

An MST expert's response

In the Norwegian newspaper, Dagsavisen, Marianne Dæhlen, a researcher at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, questioned whether Norway uses too many resources on "troublesome youths." She maintained that young people today behave better than ever and that specialized measures aimed at those with behavioral problems cannot be defended in an economic perspective. In my opinion, she fails to see the whole picture. 

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MST Strives to Understand the Cultural Experience of Families

Posted by Karen, UK-based MST Therapist

Sometimes the key to engaging a family is knowing where they come from

Fifteen-year-old Aaron (not his real name) was referred to Multisystemic System (MST) due to physical and verbal aggression at home, starting fires and substance abuse. His mum was a single parent who had immigrated to the U.K. when civil war broke out in their home country. It was just the two of them. She had left behind two, now adult, children whom she had when she was only 12 and 13 years old. They were raised by others in her family. Mum had significant mental-health problems, including a diagnosis of schizophrenia and PTSD following trauma in her home country. Her Christian faith was very important to her.

The MST treatment did not start auspiciously.

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In MST, Parents Aren't the Problem, They're the Solution

Posted by Sue Dee

You've come to the right place

When a youth is exhibiting antisocial behavior and is committing criminal offenses in the community, families are often at a loss as how to move forward. They feel powerless to change their children’s choices. This often stops them from seeking the right kind of support, and it also creates difficulties for professionals working with these kids and families to find the right solution. In MST, we don’t see parents as the problem, we see them as the solution. We stand ready to support caregivers to hold their kids accountable and make changes in the youth’s environment that will impact their choices. With a referral to MST, “You’ve Come to the Right Place” for help turning your child around.

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