6 Ways to Protect Your Child from Harmful Social-Media and Drug Trends

Posted by Diane Kooser

Harmful social-media and drug trends incredibly accessible to youth

Do you know what the “Put ’Em in a Coffin” challenge is? Ever heard of flakka? Chances are the teens in your life know about these and more, or are about to find out. While parents, caregivers, therapists and school staff catch up on each other’s milestones on Facebook, the current social-media and drug trends are passing by well-intentioned adults. In the meantime, our youth are at risk.


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MST Therapist Helps Family Create Happy Home

Posted by Alison Bromley, MST Therapist, Brandon Centre

In her own works, A mom from the U.K. tells how MST turned a dark, negative place into “happy house.”

Listen to the mom in her own words below, or read the transcript.

We heard about MST through other people, but my son was too young, and it wasn’t possible. And then when he was old enough, we didn’t know whether we would get funding for it, but we did. We would have done anything at that point to try and make things right.


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Multisystemic Therapy Empowers Parents To Be The Solution

Posted by Lori Moore, MST Services

Parents hold the key to turning their children around, MST helps unlock the door

Imagine this. You hear that two teenagers in your neighborhood are caught shoplifting. They are accused of stealing more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from a nearby department store. This isn’t their first offence, either. You heard they were caught breaking and entering cars and a neighbor’s home. You think they are even involved with drugs. Given this new arrest, they are facing the threat of being locked up for their crimes. Your first thought is “their parents are to blame. They should have taught their kids better.”


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A Mom in Chile Struggles to find Work-Life Balance to Save her Son

Posted by Rocio Solar, MST Therapist, LaGranja, Chile

Finding the right work-life balance, MST helps a mom regain her son

This is the story of a teenager nicknamed "Ale," who spent long hours on the streets of Chile when no one was home. He is the son of a struggling mother who works long hours as a construction foreman, where thanks to her physical strength, she learned to live in a “tough man’s world” in which she had to defend herself constantly.

I still remember the afternoon when this mother, Fresia, sobbed after recalling her son at a young age crying out of hunger and asking for bread from their neighbor. At that time, Fresia was unable to meet the needs of her son, and she said to herself "never again." To keep that vow, she devoted more time and effort in getting a better job. However, over the years, this brought other consequences and complications. The more effort, time and dedication she gave to her job, the more her children strayed. Ale stopped going to school, spending more time with negative peers and started stealing. The fights at home increased to the point, mom and son weren’t speaking to each other.


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Multisystemic Therapy Helps Families Identify Teen "Safe-Houses" in UK

Posted by Moira Lamond & Stephanie Schutte, MST Supervisors

Multisystemic Therapy helps shut down safe-houses in the UK 

Setting the scene

In an Inner London borough on a hot summer’s day, unusual for the U.K. (remember, we are obsessed with weather this side of the pond), the MST team was supporting a family in search of their 13-year-old daughter, who was out past curfew, putting herself at risk. This was time for us to help this family learn to increase monitoring and supervision as well as help their daughter get involved with in pro-social activities.

Our MST therapists have learned over time that we must show families how to do higher-level interventions needed to extract their teen from criminal peers. These interventions sometimes include locating and poisoning “safe houses” and posting pictures of the young person in the community to alert others that this teen is vulnerable and the family needs their support. (“Safe houses” are homes or places where a teen thinks she or he can go and are “safe” because parents and other adults don’t know where they are, and even if they did, the adults wouldn’t dare go looking for them there.) These MST interventions are performed with care to ensure the safety of this high-risk population. Here are two of our favourite success stories, demonstrating this is always done with hope, humour and sticking to the MST Analytic Process and Principles.Ana

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A Mother's Heartfelt Thanks to MST and What she Learned Along the Way

Posted by Mom from Buffalo, NY

On Thanksgiving, people count their good fortune for many things—small and big. You snagged the last package of fresh sage for your stuffing. The lump proved benign. Your family will make it through the blizzard and be together feasting on turkey and all the scrumptious side dishes.

Kathy has a different reason to be thankful. But let her tell it.


This story doesn’t start out with the warm and fuzzies. It starts with pain, tears, anger, worry and frustration. It starts with a mom and a daughter on opposite sides of deep chasm. I was convinced we’d never reach each other, and frankly, I was already giving up. I was in a place of pain. And whenever pain takes up residence in your heart, you carry it like a curse. I couldn’t figure out how we got so far apart, so fast. I felt as if I were screaming into a void.

The MST program was first suggested to me by my daughter’s middle-school counselor, but I was sure it was a lot of hype and would be of very little help. There was nothing they could tell me to do that I hadn’t already tried. How were these people going to make anything happen? And if they thought they were going criticize me, if they thought they were going to judge me, they had another thing coming. No one was going to tell me I was a bad parent. And that was that.

Meanwhile, that chasm was growing wider and wider. My daughter seemed so unreachable. It was as if I had never known her. It was heartbreaking, devastating and hopeless. I was losing myself in the absolute sadness of it all. I cannot describe the ache that was centered in my chest. Sleepless nights. The nights I did sleep, I had nightmares. My daughter lost in the darkness and crying for me. Me searching for her, trying to find her, waking up with tears on my cheeks. I felt like a failure as a mother. That is a gut–wrenching battle that never gets easier.

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