This Father's Day, We're Celebrating All Kinds of Fathers

Posted by Ernesto Peraza

An MST supervisor reflects on the importance of fatherhood

I grew up in a time when fathers in my Hispanic culture were expected to be strong disciplinarians and primarily focus on providing financially for the family. My wife and I have been blessed with two gorgeous and conscientious daughters. When my first daughter was born, I knew I did not want to contribute to the cultural stereotypes of what a father should be and do.Fathers_Day_Celebration.jpg

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MST Treatment Unites Systems to Save Child

Posted by Janice Wolfinger, MST Clinical Supervisor

MST therapist works with all systems surrounding child to keep him at home, in school and out of trouble.

Andrew was living with his grandmother and had lost touch with his absent parents. He fought verbally and physically with his older sister, and his grandmother did not know how to intervene. She was seeking placement for him outside the home in order to get him help for his behaviors. At school, Andrew was disruptive in classes, fought with peers and threatened teachers, resulting in the school taking steps toward a long-term suspension from school. He was on a diversion contact with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), and the Court Counselor (CC) was planning to take Andrew to court to increase the level of supervision because of his aggressive behaviors. In other words, Andrew was on the brink of being placed outside the home, and things needed to change quickly. grandmother_two

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A Mom in Chile Struggles to find Work-Life Balance to Save her Son

Posted by Rocio Solar, MST Therapist, LaGranja, Chile

Finding the right work-life balance, MST helps a mom regain her son

This is the story of a teenager nicknamed "Ale," who spent long hours on the streets of Chile when no one was home. He is the son of a struggling mother who works long hours as a construction foreman, where thanks to her physical strength, she learned to live in a “tough man’s world” in which she had to defend herself constantly.

I still remember the afternoon when this mother, Fresia, sobbed after recalling her son at a young age crying out of hunger and asking for bread from their neighbor. At that time, Fresia was unable to meet the needs of her son, and she said to herself "never again." To keep that vow, she devoted more time and effort in getting a better job. However, over the years, this brought other consequences and complications. The more effort, time and dedication she gave to her job, the more her children strayed. Ale stopped going to school, spending more time with negative peers and started stealing. The fights at home increased to the point, mom and son weren’t speaking to each other.


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