MST Advanced Supervisor's Workshop: An Important Event

Posted by Lanée Goddard, MST-FIT Supervisor

An MST-FIT supervisor opens up on the benefits of attending a supervisor training

Being an MST supervisor can be very isolating. Often, we work in silos with our own team(s) in agencies that only have one MST program, and we feel like we are the only one going through these unique challenges. Attending the autumn 2015 Advanced Supervisors Workshop in New York reminded me that there is a whole community of supervisors out there ready to encourage and support me in my growth.

This workshop will be offered again this spring, March 17 and 18, in Charleston, S.C. I encourage any supervisor who is thinking about going to go. You won’t regret it. I sure didn’t.ASW_blog_pic.jpg

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Continuous Training is a Vital Part of Multisystemic Therapy

Posted by Sue Dee

Why MST booster trainings?

It’s just human nature. You did things one way, are accustomed to that way, and you drift back into that comfort zone without even realizing it. Without continual focus and attention it’s difficult to stick to new habits and skills. In the case of Multisystemic Therapy (MST), staying true to the treatment model is of utmost importance if the best results are to be achieved. Booster_Training_Blog.jpgBack row left to right: Alexandra Westcott, Magnus Irvine, Kerry Jayne Lambert, Rose Amado-Taylor, Shelley Stel Front row left to right: Anna Davies, Georgina Privett, Gordon Wilson, Thomas Burke

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